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Our Agreement

You can refer to your booking confirmation, and reminder to find the correct day, and time of your cleaning.

Cancellations: Please contact us 72 hours or more before your scheduled service to avoid a $30 charge. You will be invoiced if cancellation occurs anytime within 72 hours of our scheduled service.

If a service is cancelled 24 hours or less before the scheduled cleaning, a $50 charge will apply.

If the service is cancelled the same day or team member arrives to the address and no one is there or you forgot to cancel we will charge $70 for this cancellation.

If the service is rescheduled 24 hours before the scheduled clean, we will charge $20 for the last minute reschedule.

Should Perfectly Clean LLC need to reschedule an appointment 24 hours before the scheduled clean, we will credit $20 to the next cleaning. 

Payment Arrangements: Please make all checks payable to Perfectly Clean LLC. When paying with card we will send an invoice ahead of time. We reserve the right to ask for 50% of the total price prior to the clean completion. We reserve the right to ask to have a card on file for any non-payments/cancellation fees/rescheduling fees.

Full payment is due by the end of the clean, or end of day (8:00 PM).

Returned checks are subject to a $20 fee.

By allowing Perfectly Clean LLC to provide service to you, you agree to reimburse for all costs when Perfectly Clean LLC is collecting late payments, (Attorney fees etc).

Scheduled Service: All cleaning schedules have been previously agreed to, you can refer to your booking confirmations, and reminders to find the correct day, and time of our cleanings. We go above and beyond to meet the scheduled service time agreed to. Team members are given a 15 minute arrival time from booked service. Should your service provider need additional time to arrive we will contact you giving notice. On occasion traffic, or prior Clients can cause a set back. 

Please avoid scheduling a clean when street sweeping is scheduled for your location, this will ensure no rescheduling will be needed or team members receive any tickets. Our team members are required to park on the street when possible. Should you chose to schedule on the day of street sweeping they must be able to park in the driveway.

We ensure you have the best cleaning service possible, with that said, in order for us to provide you with the best service we ask in high temperatures that you can kindly provide cooling for your service provider. 

On occasion we may send a Supervisor to your home while it is being serviced. We want to always provide you with the clean you deserve.

Perfectly Clean LLC strives to provide the same service provider for each clean. Your service provider is indicated on your booking confirmation and reminders. This service provider will be your regular with the exception of personal emergencies, illnesses, or vacations. In the event the service provider assigned ends employment with Perfectly Clean LLC, we will replace them will a fully trained cleaner who has all details of your home. 

Please note: Our staff are under a legally bound non solicit/non compete agreement with the Company Perfectly Clean LLC throughout employment and a year following separation. They have also signed and agreed they shall not, for themselves or on behalf of any other person or business enterprise, engage in any business activity which competes with the Company within 30 miles of the facility in which they were employed. 
This protects our Company from any harm related to Client/Employee outside hiring. We have the right to immediately cancel any services to a Client whom asks/requests for an employee to breach their agreement with the Company. 

Limitation of Liability: Perfectly Clean LLC will be happy to clean any blinds you may have. With that said Perfectly Clean will not be responsible for any damage or loss if any blinds are damaged. Perfectly Clean LLC is not liable for any damage that is not reported within 24-hours of the provided service. Perfectly Clean LLC can not accept liability for damages directly or indirectly caused by non-standard company equipment/products that are requested to be used. Perfectly Clean LLC will not repair or replace any equipment or supplies that have been provided to our team to use in place of our standard company equipment/supplies. 

All items of value that are non-replaceable, (sentimental, collectors, one-of-a-kind, trophies, discontinued patterns, crystal-china-ceramic, family herooms), must be disclosed to Perfectly Clean LLC. These items will not and can not be cleaned due to insurance policies/regulations

Perfectly Clean LLC will not be liable for any items broken or damaged due to product wear-and-tear, damage caused by fixtures that are not properly secured (pictures, mirrors, window treatments, wall coverings, lack of furniture glides for wood floors, lack of scratch covers on furniture decor, household accessories, mounted appliances.) 

If an item is part of a set, we will only cover the cost of the individual item.

24-Hour Guarantee: We strive to provide you with the clean you deserve at all times. We understand that at times an area can be left in a condition that is not to your satisfaction. With this being said we can not provide any refunds, but will be happy to re-clean the area that is not to your satisfaction. Please let us know of any concerns within 24 hours from your scheduled cleaning to receive the re-clean. Our staff take before and after pictures while providing our service. This is for the Companies and Employees reputation/liability in regard to the work performed. 

If we receive prompt notification we will send for examination of the problem. Should the problem involve the quality of service provided, we will correct the problem at no charge. 

Products and Equipment: Perfectly Clean LLC provides all equipment and supplies for your scheduled service. 

If you desire that we use your own products, and equipment this must be stated before your cleaning. If you have specific notes let us know before. No two customers are the same and we understand that everyone has their favorite brands and notes for cleanings. Any use of products, and equipment other than Perfectly Clean LLC are at the Clients own risk. Please take note, if you prefer to use your own in some situations it can be cause for added time, since our service providers are given supplies that not only get the job done, but in a timely manner. 

Access to The Home: Perfectly Clean LLC puts our Clients and Staffs safety first at all times. If you are unable to be home for the scheduled service or prefer not to be present we require a way to lock your home. If you provide us with a key to enter your home, we keep the key in a secure place, coded and unlabeled with any names or addresses to ensure your privacy. Please inform us of any alarm systems that need to be unset or reset. 

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